The Wolf’s Secret hits the shelves today !

And there it is :

As of today it is out in the world (or at least in the UK, France still has to wait a couple of weeks)

This folktale tells the story of a Wolf, feared by all in the forest, who harbours a secret. It’s a book about love and loss, friendship and sacrifice. The Wolf’s Secret is a new story but made to feel like it’s a classic folk tale.

I can’t find the words to tell you how I feel… I’m excited, anxious, happy, a little bit affraid … but maybe most of all I feel really grateful.

Nicolas and I have been following the music for quite some time now. It has led us to some strange and beautiful places – way outside of our territory. But Helen Boyle, our agent at Pickled Ink and fairy godmother, and Emily Lamm, our amazing editor at Orchard Books helped us find our way in the midst of the wood.

And Júlia Sardà created the most beautiful, enchanting illustrations for this story, inspired by the classic illustrated Russian tales (like the ones from the great Ivan Bilibin) and by Ukiyo-e woodblock prints.. Six years ago, she received a text from two complete strangers and unknown authors. To think that she actually took the time to read it never cease to amaze me. Thank you Júlia for taking a chance on us.

You can find it anywhere books are sold …. don’t hesitate to order it from your favorite local bookstore !

Happy September, happy reading ! 🍁🍂🖤

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