In English

Hi !

My name is Myriam Dahman, I write children’s books. This website is mostly in French – as most of my books are published in France – but I do my best to post some information in English too.

If you would like to know more about me, it all happens here or here.

And if you’re looking for information about The Wolf’s Secret, my first book published in the UK, you can read this article, or this one.

Writing a book in English was quite an amazing experience. It was also very different from writing and publishing my books in French, and – frankly – a bit stressful too as English isn’t my mother tongue. I started learning it at school, when I was around 11 years old. So that probably means I’ll never be truly bilingual.

But writing in a different language also makes you explore different versions of yourself as a writer. English is a language full of music and sounds, alliterations and tiny words, when French is more methodological, structured, and complex. And the English and French market are also quite different, they’re not allways looking for the same things.

So I feel very lucky to be able to explore all these different universes in my stories and in my books.