Wolf is a hunter, feared by every creature. But he has a secret: in the middle of the forest lives a girl whose beautiful voice has entranced him . . .

The Wolf longs for friendship. But is he prepared to sacrifice his own true nature in order for his wish to come true?

The Wolf’s Secret is a beautiful and lyrical contemporary fairy tale about difference, trust and the power of friendship to overcome any obstacle.

Published by Orchard Books – Hachette Children’s Books, and available wherever good books are sold now !

Translations : France, Italie, Spain, Lithuania, China, Russia.


Foyles Children’s Book of the Year 2020

Winner of the 2021 English 4-11 Picture Book Awards – Fiction 7-11

Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2022

*** REVIEWS***

« a lyrical, dreamy wander through some lush and terrifying woods, where a fierce wolf secretly longs for companionship. » The Guardian

« Dahman and Digard’s story turns Red Riding Hood on its head and celebrates the connection we have with the natural world rather than our disconnect from it: less of a fairy-tale style warning of the danger of wild animals than an acknowledgement of the wild within ourselves. Gorgeous. » BookTrust

« The first thing that’ll hit you is Júlia Sardà’s immaculate, eerily atmospheric illustration—conjuring up the dark, dank thicket of trees, the savagery of the wolf, the ornate textiles of the woman’s forest home. And then, as you turn the pages, you’ll be enchanted by Myriam Dahman and Nicolas Digard’s story, steeped in the dream-logic of folk and fairy tales, of magic and metamorphosis, and hinting at the darkness that lays beneath—yet ultimately a tale of support and togetherness. » Foyles

« The illustrations are wonderful with a beautiful wolf and dear little owls in a tangled forest. I love the magic which gives a little unfamiliar jolt to this modern fairy tale ». Armadillo Magazine

« GORGEOUS illustrations in perfect autumn woodland palette, lyrical & mesmerising folkloresque story about the power of companionship » Sophie Anderson 

« This story resonates on many levels and is a constant feast for the eye with its sumptuous illustrations reminiscent of those in old Russian tales. The language is simple but has the authority and strength to give  the story a power that makes it linger in the memory. » StoryLinks

« Drawing on motives that appear in Andersen’s Little Mermaid and the tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon, the authors have created a story that has the rhythm and atmosphere of a folk or fairy tale. Like all such tales, there is also a lesson at its heart – the power of love that is both fulfilling but also destructive. However, here the authors introduce a further message – the redemptive quality of shared fears. » Books for Keeps

« This book is visually stunning and the prose is rich, lyrical and refreshingly dark. » Ivy’s Library

« With themes of friendship and the importance of challenging our first impressions woven into an atmospheric, richly illustrated story, this book definitely earns its place alongside well-known tales and fables. » The Scotsman